One Lovely Blog Award


One Lovely Blog Award

We have very kindly been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by the wonderful Sailor’s Woman, see her great blog here:

The Sailor’s Woman

As a recipient we must display the logo:


Link back to the person who nominated us – see above!

Tell you seven interesting or fun facts about ourselves:

We have known each other for thirty-seven years…
We have been together on and off for thirty-seven years, but now without a break for twenty-seven years…
BBC1’s name is Michael, BBC2’s name is Nino…
Max is BBC2s first ever pet, and about BBC1s fifteenth pet!
Originally from London, we have lived in Nth Cornwall for the last twelve years…
…we hope to sell up and move back east next year!
Our favourite thing is being sociable, entertaining and cooking for people…

Finally we have to nominate five other blogs for the award. These are the ones we have chosen and we hope they accept:

ASD Mummy with issues: ASD Mummy with issues
My Favourite Pastime: My Favourite Pastime
The Unorthodox Epicure: The Unorthodox Epicure
This Was Dinner: This Was Dinner
Gourmet Dough: Gourmet Dough

Although we are new to this blogging lark there are about ten other blogs we would have liked to nominate, but it became increasingly difficult to narrow the list down. We were beginning to argue like judges on a TV talent show!

Once again many thanks to the wonderful Sailor’s Woman for our nomination, we really appreciate it😘

8 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

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  2. Ha ha that is funny arguing like judges on TV talent show. Congratulations on being nominated for this award and thank you for nominating me. I feel very honoured that after the argument, my blog still made it to your list. I wish you a happy blogging and happy cooking and many more happy years together. Best wishes!

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