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Our Max is a Winner…so is BBC2, I suppose…

Hello folks, BBC1 here! We had a lovely morning yesterday at the beach with our friend Liz and her dog Teddy, who both came for a ‘sleepover’ on Friday evening – recipes to follow, including a gluten free recipe for Lizzie’s lovely niece, and our friend Tracey. Who nagged and asked for one…so much like her aunt…lol!


Anyway, on our way home we decided to stop off at our local garden centre, Brooks, to get a bag of coal. Whilst there this lovely lady came up and said “I’m so pleased you’ve brought Max to the dog show!” Feeling a little non-plussed, we asked – “What dog show?” “It’s a just for fun local fundraiser!”

We looked at each other and simultaneously said “Why not?”

We had such a laugh with all the other dog owners and dogs. Many of whom we knew from our walks on the downs and the beach.






We were so pleased and proud when Max won 2nd place for best cross-breed! A lovely little cavalier spaniel/poodle cross won, we think it’s called a Cavipoo! But she is so sweet we didn’t begrudge her win, very much!

But the highlight of my morning, day, week, month, or should I say year? Was when Max won 1st place for “Dog Who Looks Most Like His Owner!”

I’ll leave it up to you, but don’t you think him and BBC2 look so cute together?

‘Nuff said I think, but am so gonna pay for this post…hope you’ll all agree that it was worth the trouble I’m gonna get into though?!?

13 thoughts on “Our Max is a Winner…so is BBC2, I suppose…

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  2. Another lovely sleep over with my guys and delicious grub again on Friday, followed by walkies on Sat morning, but missed out on seeing the ” budding Crufts Champions” being crowned at the Garden Centre. How disappointing was that, however I can see why they won the dog who looks most like it’s owner………it’s the waggy tail, wellingtons and specs!

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