Blog of the Year Award 2013


The wonderful Food Day Dreaming – Food Day Dreaming
– has nominated us for the Blog of the Year Award 2013. It is so nice to get recognition from other bloggers, it makes you feel part of ‘the blogging family or community.’

We are passing this award along as it gives us the opportunity to thank bloggers who have inspired us, given us something new, made us laugh, or made us look twice at what they do and what we don’t. It’s also to say thank you for the kind and encouraging words and for helping us to realise that we aren’t blogging in a vacuum!

The blogs we have nominated each spoke to us in some way, whether through brilliant food, heartfelt writing, beauty or humour and sometimes all four! We would highly recommend that you not only check out our nominator Food Day Dreaming but that you also check out these great blogs…

The Not So Creative Cook – The Not So Creative Cook
Recipe Adaptors – Recipe Adaptors
Third Culture Cooking – Third Culture Cooking
Cooks and Facts – Cooks and Facts
The World of Neil – The World of Neil
Cooking With Sapana – Cooking With Sapana
Cooking in Sens- Cooking in Sens
Tea and Scandal – Tea and Scandal
Please Pass The Recipe – Please Pass the Recipe
Happiness Stan Lives Here – Happiness Stan Lives Here

The rules of this award are as follows:

Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog of the Year 2013’ Award
Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen – there are no minimum or maximum number of blogs required – and ‘present’ the blog(s) with their award.
Let the blog(s) that you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the instructions with them – (please don’t alter the instructions or the badges!)
Come over and say hello to the originator of the ‘Blog of the Year 2013’ – Blog of the Year 2013 Award
You can now also join the ‘Blog of the Year’ Award Facebook page. – Blog of the Year FaceBook page
And as a winner of the award – please add a link back to the blog that presented you with the award – and then proudly display the award on your blog … and start collecting stars… There are six to collect. The banners can be found here.

17 thoughts on “Blog of the Year Award 2013

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  2. Congrats on the award – and thanks so much for passing it on!! Your recipes are great and I am a HUGE dog lover, so really enjoy reading about Max too 🙂

    • It’s not about recipes. You write a damn fine blog and we love your parenting of the boys. Also through reading your blog we watched prog’s we missed about electronic music on BBC3! Both you and Jane write really well and we enjoy catching up, keep up the great work. Anyway the more people who can garner an understanding of ASD the better!

      • Blushing now! Its a hard job at times, the ASD parenting lark, but worth it. Sometimes you just have to let a six-year o.d stay up until 2am to watch a documentary on Mike Oldfield! Definitely following this blog. Will be badgering Jane into trying the recipe for puff pastry pizza!

        • Must say they are good! Lol. We are psyching ourselves up for Saturday and ‘The Day of the Doctor’ coupled with the fact that’s it’s our dogs birthday! Dalek cake or Tardis? Not sure…maybe K9? LOL😉

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