Chief Taster Becomes Sous Chef…


Chief Taster Becomes Sous Chef…

When our buddy Liz arrived on Friday she said she’d been in the kitchen cooking up a ‘batch’. She then proceeded to produce a cake tin. We looked at each other and thought ooh lovely a cake! I wondered whether it was her deliciously moist coconut cake or one of her famed Christmas cakes…

However, I had forgotten a conversation I had with her on Skype during the summer when she had family staying for a barbecue, and she mentioned her ‘loaded potatoes’. I said she must make them for us some time and lo and behold!

Has taken me nearly a week to get her to do the recipe!

Lizzie’s Loaded & Twice Baked Potatoes (in her own words with expletives deleted)
Enough for 6 spuds…….. (but precision and measurements I don’t use……. sorry)

6 cooked baking potatoes
bake and scoop out centres, mash with butter salt and pepper…leave skins at least 1/4 inch to hold shape for the load

4 cooking onions, & 2 cloves of garlic……. finely diced and soft fried with olive oil – mushrooms I like lots, diced and fried/cooked in butter!

Mix onions & mushrooms together and on a low heat stir in a tub of cream cheese
(any flavour you like, I used plain Philadelphia in these ) add the mash to onions, mushrooms and cheese mix over low heat and add lots of grated mature cheddar cheese……..mash till it is all mixed together………let it cool a bit.

Now load mixture into the empty skins, sprinkle generous amount of more grated cheddar cheese on top.

Bake at 180c for 10 to 15 mins

You can add anything you fancy to the mixture too, to experiment with different tastes
bits of bacon
corn beef
diced ham
different cheese

I like the plain ones

luv ya…….now stop naggin…Liz xxxxx www

BBC1: we had these for lunch with a couple of sausages one day and a Jamaican patty the next. They are absolutely delicious and the great thing about them is you can load them with the mixture, grate some cheese on top then freeze them. So if you have got a large group coming over they’re a great way to get ahead of the action. Very tasty, chief taster becomes sous chef! Thanks Liz!




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