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An Award With Some Song Dedications…


Awards and song dedications…

What a week! We have been just a ‘tad’ busy. BBC1 has started his physiotherapy, he calls it justified torture; we’ve done a ton of cooking; Lizzie came for a ‘sleepover’; and we’ve received three awards and nominations for the blog!

Firstly we were given the ‘WordPressFamily’ Award by the fabulous Jhuls, over at The Not So Creative Cook

Whilst ‘blood is thicker than water’ it is sometimes our friends who become like family and they are the people we choose to spend our time with. This is also very true of social networks and the blogosphere. We choose who to ‘follow’ and become hooked on their triumphs and disasters. Laughing and crying with them as we each move along our individual highways and journeys, looking forward to the next installment.

When we were beginning to discuss who to pass this award onto, a song came on the radio. It reminded us of a particular blog and as this is the season of giving we decided to try and find links to songs for each of our nominees on YouTube or the like. This is not part of the award process, it’s just something we thought we’d do, hope you like the tunes and understand why we chose them…many of the reasons are tenuous to say the least!

For the nominees here are the rules for the Award, but as always, participation is of course voluntary:

Ping back or link back to the person who gave you the Award.

Display the Award.
Nominate 10 people you look to as almost Family here on Word Press.

Here are our nominations for the award in no particular order:

The Sailor’s WomanThe Song

ASD Mummy With IssuesThe Song

Ethel & Everett Go RVingThe Song

Transplanted CookThe Song

Joint nomination and song goes to:
Please Pass The Recipe & Sharing The Food We LoveThe Song

Rachel MankowitzThe Song

The Novice GardenerThe Song

The World Of NeilThe Song

Baking With GabThe Song

The Pinterested ParentThe Song

Once again many thanks to Jhuls for passing on this award to us and a final song for her and the rest of the food and blogging community…The Final Song

We will get around to posting about the other two awards as soon as we can!


16 thoughts on “An Award With Some Song Dedications…

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  2. I beg your pardon…lol…this is just over the top! Love, love it! But now that you’ve mentioned it, I’ve been thinking of adding roses to my clovers. Had some before actually, except hubby always dug them out. He got tired of being stuck by the thorns. Congratulations on this well-deserved awards, dears, and thank you for including my blog on the list, and of course for the song! XOXO, Angie.

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination! I love the song you chose for me. It’s perfect and put a smile on my face this morning. I look forward to passing this on to other bloggers, but it might take a little while as things are hectic at this time of year (and, of course, I can’t just pass it right back to you guys–one of my favourite blogs!)
    PS–I hope BBC1’s physiotherapy is going well and not feeling so much like torture.

    • You’re welcome! It was Leona’s song that we heard and thought of you and your great news that started the song thing. But not something we’d be in a hurry to do again, it took ages with some of the others! Physio going ok, just painful. Also starting acupuncture tomorrow and, although has a needle phobia, is really looking forward to it as gives a lot of pain relief and negates the need for more drugs!

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