Jess Brodie’s Christmas Pud Truffles!

20131219-035624.jpgJess Brodie’s Xmas Pud’ Truffles

BBC1: you just gotta love Facebook sometimes and the ‘silly’ games. Another of my Facebook ‘friends’ posted this lovely seasonal recipe yesterday and I asked if I could reproduce it for the blog…luckily she agreed, sent me the recipe and this cute picture…without further ado I give you Jess Brodie’s scrummy truffles, in her own words…

Makes approx 125 depending on the size.

2 individual portion Xmas puddings or 3 if they are titchy (e.g M and S ones)
500g/750g Dark chocolate chopped small
250g white chocolate
250ml Double cream

Put the Xmas puddings into a food processor and blitz till broken up and in small pieces, you can add the chocolate as well if you are feeling lazy. Transfer to another bowl. Heat the cream till it almost boils and pour over your chocolate and pudding mix and stir well to melt all the chocolate.

Add a glug of brandy/baileys take a small sip…(perk of the job) and then add another glug because it’s Xmas. Mix it in well.

Now, you can either pour this into a lined deep tray and leave to cool and pinch off small pieces and roll into a ball *OR* you can leave it on the counter till it starts to firm up a little to the consistency of whipped cream; you will have to keep an eye on it depending on how warm your kitchen is. When it has started to cool and thicken you can use a piping bag and pipe truffle size balls onto silicone paper. Dust with a little cocoa powder, this will help with the rolling later.

When they have set so that they are firm enough to handle, roll quickly using the palms of your hands into small balls and place on a clean tray. This will ensure that they are all even. Pop them in the fridge or somewhere cold while you temper the chocolate.

Melt approx 500g dark chocolate, I use the microwave on a 50% setting till the chocolate has all melted. Then add 150-200g chopped dark chocolate, and stir well! This will help to cool the chocolate down to the required temperature. Keep stirring!! Just when you think you have had enough stirring, walk away, count to ten and then go back and stir some more! Half the time chocolate is not tempered properly because it has not been stirred enough. This is why you sometimes gets streaks in chocolate. It will need to cool to a temp of 29-31*C to be suitable for dipping. Use a palette knife and dip a small corner and leave to set. It should begin to set within 3 mins in a kitchen of 19-20*C

Now you need to hustle! Using the tips of your fingers dip each ball in the chocolate and roll the chocolate round each truffle and place gently onto a clean tray lined with paper. Leave to set. If the chocolate has set within a few minutes it has been tempered properly. Try to avoid using your palms, the heat from your hands will untemper the chocolate.

Do the same as above with white chocolate, but you will only need a third of the amount. Use a piping bag and pipe the ‘custard’ onto the top of each truffle. Again, leave to set.

For the holly and berries, I use royal icing, and pipe onto each truffle. Do the holly leaves first, and finish with the red icing for the berries.

Now go lie down preferably with a glass of mulled wine because your back will ache depending on how many you have made and you deserve it!!!

Hope that helps honey, I have made 3 batches this year and I am sick to death of them now! lol

Lots and lots of love, Me xoxoxox

BBC1: How glorious is that? A truly festive treat and a great way of using up any ‘leftover’ Christmas pud’ in time for your New Years party! Thanks Jess, that’s great! Just know BBC2 will love these!

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