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An Interlude To Move Home…

Hello people of the ‘tinternet’. Sorry that we have been so quiet of late and ignoring our blogging. However we are in the process of selling our home of the last thirteen years here in Cornwall. Our plan is to stay with family in the east of England whilst we find a new home. So we will not be posting regularly for while. Although we do have plans and several ideas for new posts it’s just so busy for us at the moment.

In the meantime hope your summer was great and that you have a lovely autumn…

7 thoughts on “An Interlude To Move Home…

    • So lovely to hear from you! I am so much better now that we are moving to pastures new and looking forward to a new house project and new adventures. You know I love the way you write so will look forward to seeing your new ‘ramblings’. Once we are settled, hopefully by the spring, new recipes and ramblings from us should appear. So glad to hear you are well – long may it stay that way! BBC1, Michaelxxx

  1. Hello BBC’s…Glad to hear you fellows are well…I, too, stopped blogging last December as I had hunkered down at a resort in Arizona and got too busy. I was involved in the choir and got the lead in a play there and just figured my ramblings about a day in the life of a senior’s rv resort would be pretty dull stuff. Anyways..We were in London last May visiting my son and daughter-in-law. He is working on his master’s degree at LSE…I was thinking about you when we took a bus tour down to Paignton..not too close to you but similar geography. Hope that you are doing ok
    BBC1 and I am doing fine so far. Happy to be vertical. I also hope to start up some blogging again soon..sandinourshorts, Goin’ Mobile may take on a new persona as we have bought a townhouse in Parksville, on Vancouver Island…Take care and hope to see some yummy recipes soon!! Teresa

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