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Endings and beginnings…bye bye Bude…

We finally sold our home of thirteen years in Cornwall on 19th November 2014…

It had to happen for a number of reasons, our sanity not being the least of these. Don’t get me wrong, we loved living there and have many fond memories. Summers of joy, playing hosts to a succession of family and friends coming to stay for their annual ‘cheap’ holiday. Country family Christmases with a house full of loved ones and roaring log fires. The making of new friends and barbecues on various beaches.

Currently we are ‘between’ homes. Staying with relatives in Norfolk whilst we refurbish and remodel the new bijou chez ‘us’.

Our life and possessions are in storage and we are missing our old kitchen…


Hence no posts to the blog of late dear friends. However, we do hope to resume service as normal in a couple of months once the dust has settled. Although it is an exciting time as there are plans to be made and designs to be agreed upon, we just thought it would be nice to remember where we lived…and know that we will revisit the south west for holidays and reunions soon…














…and of course we couldn’t sign off without a mention of our self appointed chief taster Lizzie…

…and say there will be other Christmases and New Years together like this one…


9 thoughts on “Endings and beginnings…bye bye Bude…

  1. Nice one boys. You should put before and after photos of the new place on your blog

    Mary sent from my ipad


    • Thanks Mary. Hope you and Mr Dingo are well! We have some before photos and will take some more as work progresses, with a view to doing a reveal of the new bijou kitchen to link to this post! Xxx

  2. Wonderful to hear from you and congratulations on selling your home. Are you going to stay in Norfolk? Best of luck! Teresa

    • Thank you Teresa. Our new place is actually just across the county border in Lincolnshire. Will take us a while to get it sorted but hey ho. Hope you are now settled after your change in plans?

      • Yes, we love our new little place, it is a walk to town and the beach. We got some sad news that our gorgeous Viszla, Nusa, has lung cancer..we are still in shock. She is 8 1/2 and has been our baby. She still is perky and full of life so we will enjoy her for as long as we can. Hope to see some yummy recipes soon..Take care!

        • So sorry to hear that. Our little man is only 3 yrs old and we are besotted with him so we know how dreadful that must be for you. Sending good and positive vibes across the pond to you!

  3. Lovely to see a post I wish you the very best for the Future. Hope you are all settling well in Norfolk. I love Bude and live only 17 miles away. Good Luck look forward to your post in the future.
    Regards Sheila

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