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Our open letter and appeal to The Rt Hon, David Cameron, MP, The Prime Minister…

Dear Prime Minister

Listen to the people who did not vote for you, and ‘listen’ to the general voice of our country. You have it within your power to ensure that the people of our country get a fair deal. You have it within your remit to look past your manifesto and encompass a wider spectrum of views over the next five years. You say you will be a ‘one nation’ government and will ensure that North, South, East and West will feel the benefit of your policies.
But can we ask that above all you ‘listen’. Do not be bogged down by the rhetoric or ideology of your party or roots. If you truly want to be the Prime Minister of all these United Kingdoms you must rise above the dogma. However, if you allow your party and your colleagues to ignore the reality of today, you risk much of the future.
It was said that this election was ‘most important for a generation’. We would say it has proven to be a turning point for our country as a whole. If you do not listen to the disenfranchised; the disabled; the youth; the sick and vulnerable; and those of us who do not share your views, you may pave the way to disaster.
 If you continue to listen with one ear closed, or to ignore what is clearly being said by the majority of people – regardless of our antiquated electoral system –  we fear our society, monarchy and all, are in jeopardy.
 All we ask is that you listen…listen not only to the voices of jubilation that you hear, but also the voices of despondency, dissent and despair. For surely, a Prime Minister for ‘one nation’ listens to all…
 Yours sincerely,
 BBC1 & BBC2

5 thoughts on “LISTEN…

  1. I agree with Susan !!
    Hope you guy’s are doing well and will be kitchen up and running. If you get my drift.
    June won’t be long now then , well done bet you have worked very hard.
    Take Care
    Had LOVELY day in Bude yesterday warm and sunny and very busy . Visitors are a plenty, I think I over heard an American accent to. Had tea in the castle, there was also a Wedding party there.
    Best Wishes

  2. Good Stuff, Gentlemen. I was completed dumbfounded when I heard that the Conservatives had won by a majority. The people of the UK must hold their feet to the fire. In the meantime, we here in Canada watch with interest. Great to hear from you! Hope you are healthy and happy.

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