Dear Brexiteer. What we need you to do now.

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So well done, first of all. You listened to the arguments, the same ones I listened to. You heard all the same information I did, you listened to the same debates that I did, but you voted to leave. And you won. I take that – it was a democratic process and sometimes in the democratic process you lose, as I have done.

The referendum has activated the political energies of people who haven’t been interested in politics for some time, so we are told, and many of them are like you, who voted to leave. So here’s the plea of the losing side to you now.

Firstly, don’t stop – don’t stop with your political passion and activism, because we need you now. We need you to be active, we need you to keep talking to the people who you trusted with this vote, and we need you to…

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2 thoughts on “Dear Brexiteer. What we need you to do now.

  1. Thought id stop by and message here its kind of interesting that i just came by your site , was looking for a few recipes , particularly bread pudding , , whats more interesting is that im moving back to bude from the US , and i think i saw your old house up for rent / sale recently . anyway im still looking for places myself . as my grandmother recently passed away , in poughill . so im making one of her fav recipes bread pudding and custard 🙂

    • How interesting. We haven’t been back since leaving. There is a Facebook page called Bude Banter, which we read occasionally and people sometimes ask about accommodation in the area there. Sorry for your loss, but hope your move works out well. The bread pudding is our most popular recipe so we hope you enjoy it!

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