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Normal Service To Resume ASAP

Hello people! BBC1 here. Sorry that we’ve been very quiet for so long. But we have now moved into the building site that was and hope to start blogging away again as soon as we can. Much has delayed our progress over the last couple of years, but the main delaying issue has been my personal health. This has culminated in my being a new wheelchair user and BBC2 having to do everything on his own. To say he has worked hard would be an understatement to say the least. But we now have a kitchen!

We also have some lovely new kitchen gadgets such as a One Pot electric pressure cooker, a vacuum packer, a sous vide cooker, a mincer and a sausage maker. So once we get them unpacked and start working with them we will be posting again.

As you will see from the cover photo, Max is now a gorgeous 5 year old and still spoilt rotten! Thanks for dropping by, we appreciate your time and hope to be posting to a screen near you pretty soon…

3 thoughts on “Normal Service To Resume ASAP

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your health issues.
    Your new kitchen and Max are both gorgeous.
    Take good care, and post as soon as you’re able. Nanette (Formerly “The Sailor’s Woman”)

  2. Hi there welcome back your new abode is looking good.
    Looking forward to your new Blog in the not too distance future.
    Wishing you both well and good health.

    • Thank you Sheila, much appreciated. Can’t wait to get started. Currently trying to persuade BBC2 that we can manage at least one post a month to start. Hope all is well for you too. Cheers!

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